Exclusive formula of Bottle Sealing Wax

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Bottle sealing wax makes your product visually attractive.

   No cracking, no cramble.   Temperature resistant (from -30 C up to +45 C)

Wide variety of colors including metallic and pearl colors. Custom colors welcome.

VOSK is the only Russian producer of bottle sealing wax! We work with waxes since 1996.

  • Temperature resistant

  • No cracking

  • Easy-peel

  • Wide variety of colors including metallic and pearl colors

  • Custom colors available

  • Volumes from 1 up to 50000 kgs

  • Coloured, flexible and easy to peel wax have been formulated specifically for bottle and jar sealing. It is used on a variety of products from wines to olive oil, pickles and even cosmetic applications.

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Bottle sealing wax could be used for a variety of products:

  • wine bottle sealing
  • cosmetic product decoration 
  • souvenirs decorartion
  • olive oil, pickles and other product sealing and decorartion
  • package sealing

8 reasons to use bottle sealing wax:


Durable – no cracking, no crumble

Withstands frost (up to -30C) and heat (up to 45C)

Easy to peel off

Brings an expensive look

Stand out on the shelves

Attract attention

Wide variety of colors



Photo Mar 04, 10 03 34 PMDrinks companies have been using bottle sealing wax for many years. Since then the bottles were dipped by hands in the melted wax (the dipping temperature of our wax vary from 68 up to 95C depending on the required layer thickness). The dipping process is quite simple and fast.

Nevertheless, today there are options of semi-automatic or fully automatic machinery available to meet all the production need. Please, contact us and we will suggest you one, that will meet your requirements.

Nowadays bottle sealing wax becomes increasingly popular for the growing premium drinks markets.